Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let the crafty begin!

Well I'm very excited to post this introductory blog. Sam and I(kelly) have been talking about this for over a month. And I'm finally doing it. So, let me start by being polite. Go read our profile info to start. Go check out our Etsy.com page at needleinawoodstack.etsy.com (well, don't everybody rush out at once, cuz currently its empty. I still need to take pictures of our items)

Sam has taken up wood turning. Specifically pens. Pens are our life now. We've cleaned up and cleaned out the garage and it is now a somewhat respectable workspace. Although the astro turf is still in place, somethings you just can't change. He's made some beautiful pens and will be making more and more. He's still working out the kinks, so there may be discount pens a plenty.

I have been knitting for about a year, well more like a year and a half. I started crocheting about a week ago and am already in love with it. Have no fear my knitting sisters, I've not let my needles go by the wayside just yet. I'm still working on the baby's blanket in knit. But this crochet is just so fast! And my hands don't cramp up like when I'm knitting. And I've also started sewing again. Which my mother just thinks is the best thing. Its so fun to start new projects. Even more fun when you finish them!

Well like I mentioned we've started an Etsy page and that's where we came up for the name "needle in a wood stack" We needed something that described both of our handmades. And hopefully you find it as delightful and punny as I did.

There will be a whole mix of blogging going on here, but we will title them so that its obvious who they're about. Because lets face it, pens just don't have a whole lot to do with yarn. And we understand if you're not interested in both.

So without further ado- I present: Needle in a Woodstack.

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