Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sam Vs the Pen

So i was turning a wood pen earlier today. before i know it i I took to much off then bang, wood falls apart. now if you remember i have only been truing for a short time, so let me just say i was not happy. But then with a flash, a the light bulb goes on in my head. i grab the super glue and glue the wood back together. No the super glue only takes about 3 minutes for it to dry, but i was already frustrated so i go in side to watch a episode of Psych, which we have on dvd. So after the vi went to finish turning, well instead of using the gauge to cut the wood some more, and taking the chance to messing up the wood more, i choose to use sand paper. i spend the next 30-45 minutes sanding the pen, to get it smooth. To finish any pen you need to sand then wax it, which i did, so finely after about 2 hours on this pen i am done with the turning. now this project all in told have take me about 4 hours on this pen, with the pausing to watch Psych. Now i am at the part when i should be putting the pen together, this normal take about 5 minutes. Well guess what it did not. i first put the pen tip in to the wood. pressed them together and the brass tube come out the other side. So i take it part, line it up again and press it together. and then the wood came off again. So for now that pen is not complete. well i will try again tomorrow.


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